We are BAP-MAC

We are the Black Aspiring Physicians of McMaster, BAP-MAC! We ultimately aim to diversify the Canadian healthcare space by increasing the representation of Black physicians and allied health professionals. We support, empower and advocate on behalf of healthcare aspiring Black undergraduate students.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to Empower Today’s Black Healthcare Aspiring Students with the Tools to Thrive as Tomorrow’s Black Healthcare Professionals and Leaders.

Our vision is to build capacity and support Black students pursuing medicine and allied health professions. Ultimately, hoping to contribute to diversifying the Canadian healthcare field by increasing the representation of Black physicians and health professionals. We aim to serve as a resource hub for marginalized Black youths pursuing medicine and other allied healthcare professions through key initiatives and student opportunities.

Annually, nearly 6 700 students apply to an Ontario medical school each year, and approximately 1000 are accepted. Out of these matriculants, less than 1% self-identify as Black. These persistently low statistics are unrepresentative of the diverse population in Ontario. There are many speculations as to why these numbers are so low, some of which include: inadequate access to resources to build competitive applications, lack of representation at the professional, undergraduate and high school levels, lack of social capital, financial barriers, etc.

BAP-MAC was created to change this narrative! We aim to support, empower, and connect Black healthcare aspiring students to promote success. We provide students with skill development opportunities and resources crucial to their pursuit of a healthcare career.

We hope to foster a safe environment for underrepresented students through this tight-knit community of support.

Our Organization's Values


Establishing a community of support is crucial. It serves to promote collaboration, mentorship and foster allyship. It empowers and connects like-minded Black undergraduate students. Together, skill development occurs, cultivating skills and competencies needed to thrive in healthcare.

Health Leadership

Collaborators (i.e., Black physicians and professors) serve as mentors, set a standard and communicate what is needed from future health leaders in order to develop a sustainable and equitable Canadian Healthcare system.


Normalizing excellence in health leadership by hosting and attending conferences, celebrating individual achievements and providing members with interactive workshops promoting skill development that may facilitate excellence.


Empowering Black individuals through our initiatives. Advocating for the dismantling of additional accessibility barriers that black healthcare aspiring undergraduate students face daily.